Friday, June 15, 2012

Tattoo Nails

Hello everyone! Today's post is tattoo nails! What that means is that I used temporary tattoos on my nails. I got the one's I used from a quarter machine, so this is a relatively inexpensive design. I never thought to try this technique until I saw this Cute Polish video. It's a very simple and cute idea! I plan to do many more in the future for those days where I am feeling lazy but still want something pretty to look at. 

 So all you need to do is paint you nails a base color, preferably a light color or white so that the tattoo can show through. I went with essence A Lovely Secret. It's a beautiful light purple color, with little flakes of purple glitter in it. I would have used white, but I really hate white nail polish. It just doesn't apply well to my nails. I used a color that was light and present within in all of the tattoos that I used.

Once you have your base color is dry, cut out the image you want to put on your nail and remove the cover that protects the tattoo. Place the tattoo down on to your nail like you would your skin. Dip a Q-tip or cotton ball in water and place onto the back on that tattoo. Hold for 30 seconds, at least. The tattoo should come off easy. Seal with a top coat and you are done! Easy peasy. 

What I used:
Base coat: Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat
Base color: essence A Lovely Secret 
Temporary tattoos
Top coat: Seche Vite

Cute polish also did another video where you uses temporary tattoo paper and creates her own tattoos. I was so excited by this! Next time I got to Michaels or any craft store I am going to look for this paper and I'll price it for you guys. I doubt it's horribly expensive. How cool is that? To be able to create your own tattoos, how awesome. It's really cool what people come up with.

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