Thursday, June 14, 2012

Galaxy Nails

Hello! Today's post is about galaxy nails! I decided to try galaxy nails in honor of the 25th Anniversary of the television series, Star Trek The Next Generation. The cast is doing a tour for the anniversary and some of them made a stop at the Phoenix Comicon, so I was also to see the anniversary panel and a couple of the side ones with some of the cast. It was SO fun, I went to all four days of the event and I had the best time!

On to the nail art! The first picture below is actually of my second attempt at galaxy nails, which I wore for the last three days of the con, while the second picture is of my first and failed attempt, which I wore for the first day. Gosh do I hate how my first attempt came out.
Second attempt (success) 
I really love how the colors blended in this second attempt. This post would be far to long if I explained everything I did, so I'll just summarize for you. I first painted all of my nails black (two coats) and then I sponged on the beginning of the nubulas with white. After that is where it gets complicated, basically I just sponged on a few more colors and then did a layer of glitter polish for stars and then a top coat. I found my inspiration for my nubulas from the tutorial that I found on Copythatcopycat. As for what I used, besides the usual- base coat, top coat, I used a makeup sponge and glitter polish. 

First attempt (fail)
For my first attempt, I found my inspiration while watching this Cutepolish video. Cutepolish always has some cute tutorials and this one was good but I wasn't a big fan of how my big stars turned out. I also used two different glitter polishes, one with silver glitter and another with purple and blue glitter. It was glitter over kill in my opinion. If I had left out the ugly big white stars and the colored glitter, this design would have been cute. The only addition tool I used for this first design was dotting tools.

And as I mentioned, Phoenix Comicon was so much fun! I must thank my best friend Tara again for paying for my pass. Being unemployed is really crappy and depressing, so it's wonderful to have such a great support system. She supports me in many ways, like my nail polish addiction and my need to see all the Star Trek people. I couldn't ask for a better best friend.

My favorite part was sitting second row, near center, to the panel for Michael Dorn. Michael Dorn is the actor who played Lt. Worf on both TNG and Deep Space 9. I've always loved the character and after listening to Michael Dorn gush about aviation, I am completely smitten with him as well. My boyfriend might have to watch out haha ;) Here's a picture I took of Michael Dorn. He looks as if he is staring right at me! It was so cool and next to him in a picture of him in his Klingon makeup.

Michael Dorn/ Worf
Now that I have finished gushing about he very sexy Michael Dorn, I have some questions for y'all! Have you ever attempted galaxy nails? Did you like your outcome? What technique did you use? I was very happy with my second attempt at galaxy nails and I hope to do more in the future, possibly a tutorial as well. What is something you geek out about? I defintly geek out about a lot of things, like Worf haha. :) I also found a great video for all who are interested. It's the taping of the panel, the whole hour! If you like Michael Dorn, you will enjoy this!

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