Monday, June 4, 2012

Nature and it's Elements

Hello people! So today's post is a little bittersweet. I just love my design but it comes with a story that doesn't end so happily. Bundle Monster was having a nail art contest on Facebook last month. The rules of the contest were to use Bundle Monster products, such as their image plates, to create a design and submit it on Facebook. What I am bitter about is that this contest turned into a popularity contest. It wasn't about talent at all! So many great entries (including my own) didn't even make it to the finals because of the voting process! Ugh. With contests like this I wish the contestants would just vote for each other and not have to get friends and family involved because I feel like it is not fair. Most of my friends and family are lazy, so my votes were minimal and like I said, so many great entries didn't make it to the final voting and some really crappy entries did. Anyways enough complaining.

So about my entry...I wanted to do something different and exciting, and for some reason I was channeling Captain Planet. To my delight, I had images for every element! If you don't know who or what Captain Planet is, he's from a cartoon I watched as a kid. The elements used in the show are earth, fire, wind, water, and heart. Basically there are some kids from around the world who can control an element and when they combine powers, they summon Captain Planet. The point is to save the world and protect the planet because Gia (who is essentially mother nature) needs help preserving the planet. Unfortunately, Iwas unhappy with the way 'heart' was coming out so I just decided to go with nature itself.

Despite the outcome of the contest, I was very happy that I entered. So let's take a look at my entry.

I am so happy with the way my nails turned out. I thought my concept was pretty creative and awesome. I was also pleased with the fact that everything worked so well together. Sometimes I spend hours experimenting with layering and polish combos and I just end up hating it but this was of less effort than usual so I was proud! 

What I used:
All nails:
  • Base Coat: essie Ridge filling base coat
  • Top Coat: Seche Vite
  • Base Color: OPI Mermaid's Tears
  • Stamp: BM 204
  • Stamping Polish: Jade is the New Black
Index Finger:
  • Base Color: I made a gradient using Ulta and Sally Hansen polishes--> Sun-sational and Non-Stop Red (Ulta) and the orange was Sun Kissed by Sally Hansen
  • Stamp: BM 07
  • Stamping Polish: Konad Black 
Middle Finger:
  • Base Color: China Glaze Street Chic
  • Stamp: BM 211
  • Stamping Polish: Ulta Concrete Evidence 
Ring Finger:
  • Base Color: Essence Gleam in Blue
  • Stamp: BM 19
  • Stamping Polish: Sally Hansen Blue Me Away
Pinky Finger:
  • Base Color: Ulta Bam-blue-zled
  • Stamp: BM 201
  • Stamping Polish: Konad White

There was A LOT of polish and stamps involved! I didn't realize until I was writing it all out haha. Wow! I really hope you have enjoyed my post for today. I would also like to encourage all of my readers to enter in contests. It's really fun and even if you don't win, you still get a sense of pride. Below is a video to the Captain Planet theme song (that I have had stuck in my head while writing this entire post.) And below that are some links. Please enjoy and please leave comments! I love hearing from you!

And for a great parody of Captain Planet click here.

And before I forget, enter the Julep contest here.

Until next time,

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