Sunday, June 3, 2012

Asian Inspired Nails

Hello! I have a fun design for you today. It's my boyfriend's birthday and to celebrate we had a get together last night at a sushi restaurant. For the occasion I wanted to be festive, so I made this Asian stamping design. I just love layering stamps and I am very happy with the way this layering combo came out.

First I painted my nails with my base coat and then with two coats of a sheer gold polish. With the two coats, this polish almost looked like a foil but it applies sheer, therefore it cannot be a foil right? There are so many different kinds of finishes and some are still a little confusing to me, despite tutorials haha. Anyways, it's a nice gold and it's cheap! I just love Sally Hansen because it's on the cheaper side and I have never had a negative experience using it. In fact, I love it because it applies easily and there is a variety of colors. Once dry, I stamped on red fans and then the black symbols. It's always so nice when stamping combos work!

What I used:
Base Coat: essie Ridge filling base coat
Base Color: Sally Hansen Golden-I
Fan Color: Ulta Non-stop Red
Symbols: Konad Black stamping polish
Top Coat: Seche Vite 
Stamps: Fans (BM 215) Symbols (BM 203, BM 206, and BM 225)

Curious about what the symbols mean? Me too! So my smart boyfriend pointed out that these symbols are Kanji, which to my understanding, is a written form of Japanese. 

友 ---> which I'm thinking means friend or friendship, are the symbols on my pinky fingers, right middle finger, and thumbs.

愛 ---> which I think means love, is the symbol on my middle fingers and thumbs.

The last symbol, located on my index fingers and ring fingers, is a mystery to me. After researching I was unable to identify it, so if you know what the symbol means, please let me know! I really want to know what it means. Also, I didn't realize there was another symbol on BM 221, darn! Next time... I hope you enjoyed my post! I have a few posts lined up to share with you, so keep a look out. 

Until next time,


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