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Game of Thrones

Hello fine readers! Today's post is bond to be long. I never intend to write long posts, it just happens. It doesn't help that today's post is about my latest obsession; the book series/ TV show, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, better known as Game of Thrones on HBO. I am currently enjoying the third installment of the book series, A Storm of Swords, and with the second season of the series just wrapping up, I wanted to do a nail art design in celebration of the awesomeness of the books and show.

If you have not seen the show nor read the books than I would like to warn you of SPOILERS! I'm going to explain my design and I would hate to ruin anything for anyone, so here is your warning.

The setting for my design is book 2/season 2. I wanted to do a nail art design for every "King" (despite my feelings for some of them *cough Joffery cough*) and I also wanted to represent most of my favorite characters. Sadly I had to leave out the onion knight, but I'm sure to do more designs later.

Game of Thrones nails

My thumbs represent the Starks, who are by far my favorite house. Their colors are grey on white and their words are, "Winter is Coming." I attempted to hand paint their sigil, the Direwolf, on my left thumb. On my right thumb is 6 dire wolf paw prints. A print for each of the Stark children and one, in black, to represent Jon Snow, who is the alleged bastard son of Ned Stark, as well as a brother of the Night's Watch. The brotherhood dress all in black, get it? haha

My index fingers represent the Baratheon brothers, Renly and Stannis. Even though the Baratheon colors are black on gold, I chose to do Renly in green with a black stag and gold roses because he is said to always be wearing green and roses are the sigil of House Tyrell, and Renly and the Tyrell's have some things going on. Stannis, horribly angry with EVERYONE, forsakes all gods and joins Melisandra in worshiping the "Lord of Light." He takes up the sigil of a burning heart with a black stag head in the center of it, all of which is on a yellow background.

For the rest of my left hand I have Jofferey, represented on my middle finger with a black crown on a yellowish gold base color. Since he has the name Baratheon, his colors are black on gold and since he is the king residing in Kings Landing, which is basically the capital city of Westeros, I figured he could have a crown. Next, my ring finger represents the Lannisters. I loathe the Lannisters, except Tyrion who is, as my boyfriend would call him, a "beast." I chose to just paint that nail red with a fancy gold pattern, since those are the colors of House Lannister. On my pinky ring, is the eyes and nose or the white direwolf, Ghost. I wanted to represent Jon Snow, who is one of my ultimate favorite characters, but I wasn't sure how. Ghost has red eyes and is always with Jon, so I figured that was the best way.
Game of Thrones nails

For my right hand, my middle finger is the three headed dragon of House Targaryen, the colors being red on black. Daenerys Targaryen is the last member of her house and what some believe to be the true ruler of Westeros. Next I have tentacles of a Kraken to represent Theon Greyjoys house, the Greyjoys, whose sigil is a Kraken, colors being gold on black. His father has made a claim to be king as well, thus he had to be included, even though I really dislike them. And lastly, my pinky finger is a raw painting of a weir wood tree. It's where those who honor the old gods go to pray and Jon Snow said his vow in front of one. I figured it was fitting to include because they are mentioned heavily within the books.

What I used:
All fingers
  • Base Coat: Essie ridge filling base coat
  • Top Coat: Seche Vite
Left Hand
  • Thumb
    • Base color: OPI Alpine Snow
    • Acrylic paint, black and white
    • Nail brushes
    • A pen
  • Index Finger
    • Base color: Essie Edgy
    • Stamps: BM 241, BM 14
    • Stamping colors: Black Stamping polish, Sally Hansen Golden-I
  • Middle Finger
    • Base color: Ulta Sun-sational
    • Stamp: BM 08
    • Stamping color: Konad black stamping polish
  • Ring Finger 
    • Base color: Ulta Non Stop Red
    • Stamp: BM 206
    • Stamping color: Sally Hansen Golden-I
  • Pinky Finger
    • Base color: OPI Alpine Snow
    • Acrylic paint; black, white, red
    • Dotting tools, fine nail brush

Right Hand
  • Thumb
    • Base color: OPI Alpine Snow
    • Paw colors: Ulta Concrete Evidence, Konad Black
    • Dotting tools
  • Index Finger
    • Base color: Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow
    • Heart colors: Acrylic paint; red, orange
    • Stag: Black paint
    • Nail brushes
  • Middle Finger
    • Base color: Sinful colors Black on Black
    • Acrylic paint; White, red, orange, black
    • Nail brushes, dotting tools
  • Ring Finger
    • Base color: Sinful Colors Black on Black
    • Tentacles: Sally Hansen Golden-I
    • Acrylic: White, black
    • dotting tools, nail brushes
  • Pinky Finger
    • Base color: Ulta Bam-blue-zeld
    • Acrylic: White, red
    • Nail brushes
What a long list of supplies! I swear when I create a design that's different for every nail, it never seems like I use that much stuff until I write it out for a post! Below is the proper sigil of House Stark, dire wolves are just awesome.

As you can tell by my babbling, I am in love with George R.R. Martin's masterpiece! I want to share my joy with others. These books are just amazing. I hope you have enjoyed my design. What is something you are obsessed with? I'm looking forward to sharing other cute designs with y'all! Please leave comments, I love to read them! 

Until next time,

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