Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Years! (Mani and treats)

Hello! 2011 is almost at an end! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! Is it just me or has this year gone by so much faster then years in the past? Damn. Well it's exciting. I always take New Years as a time to reflect on the past year and then take those reflections as lessons on what to do differently for the next year. I have a good feeling that 2012 will be my year. 2011 was pretty good but 2012 will be so much better!

What do you think of when you think of New Years? I think of clocks counting down, fireworks, that midnight kiss, and of course, champagne! Well the design I came up with combines fireworks and champagne. On my thumbs I hand painted bottles and champagne spewing out of the bottle. The rest of my fingers have "fireworks" on them.

What you will need:
Base Coat of your choosing
Base color of your choosing
3 or 4 bright colors of your choosing

Base coat and color same as nails
Green polish for the bottle
Brown polish for the top of bottle
Champagne color for spewing champagne
Small nail brush
Dotting tool

So first off, I painted on a coat of Essie's Ridge filling base coat. Next, I painted two coats of Essence You Belong to Me. I figured this color was fitting since I feel that 2012 is my year haha. It's a very pretty light mint color. For the fireworks, I went with plate BM 02 and put a dot of three colors; Sally Hansen Blue Me Away and Sun Kissed, and Ulta Plum Perfect. All you need to do is put a small dot of each color on the image of your choice and scrap the colors together. I tried to put at least two "fireworks" on each nail, except my pinky because it is so tiny. For the thumb, I just used the Art Deco bright green that I got and painted a green bottle. Once it dried I painted a brown rectangle on the top of the bottle shape. Then I used Maybelline's Sparkling Champagne to create spewing champagne out of the bottle. I acheived that task by using a dotting tool. I was trying to create a dripping effect. It didn't quite work out the way I wanted but I like the way it came out. Here are some close ups:

Right Hand
Left Hand
Since this blog is called Hand-y Feats and Other Treats, and I have already shared with you my (improving) hand-y feats, let me share with you some treats.  First off, if you are 21 or older and love champagne but don't have a lot of money to buy it, think again. Let me introduce to you Verdi. It comes in three flavors, original, raspberry, and green apple and the best's cheap and delicious. I have never payed over 7 dollars for a bottle. I'm hoping to drink a lot of this stuff this weekend, it is so good.

The second treat I would like to share with you involves my absolute favorite thing in this world...chocolate. It's basically a chocolate covered blueberry. I have been enjoying them while writing this post and figured that I should share the wealth. My best friend gave them to be the other day and they are very delicious. The brand is called Queen Anne, which is the same company that makes cordial cherries and this amazing treat is just that but with blueberries. I highly recommend them if you love chocolate and blueberries. 

I would like to make a shout out to My nail polish online who is my first member! Thank you! Make sure to check out her blog. I really like the way she takes pictures. I hope you have enjoyed my blog for far, I have enjoyed writing it and I look forward to writing more posts! I hope you all have a wonderful New Years. Have fun and be safe.

Until next year,

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