Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What I got for Christmas is...

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. What did you end up wearing on your nails? This post is going to be a very long one, with many pictures. First off, what a wonderful weekend, I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family and to know so many wonderful people. I'm totally on top of the world right now. This Christmas was such a nice one. I spent Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas day with my boyfriend's family. Both days were so wonderful. To me, Christmas isn't about the presents. Sure they are nice but really the holiday is about family and friends and the love that you have for them.

To much surprise, my parents were able to get us gifts this year and when I opened mine I nearly cried. Inside a box was a newly purchased camera. My mother has showed little interested in my blog but she still knew it was important to me and decided to get me a new camera. It was such a sweet thing for her to do, thus why I almost cried haha. So this is what it looks like:

It is so pretty! And of course the best part is that I can now take GOOD pictures. I just need practice working this camera though. There are so many features that it may take a bit to get the perfect setting for nail picture taking.And along with the camera, I got nail polish! I got so many, Thank you Ulta for having such a wonderful sale! Here's a picture of all of the polishes that I got:

So I ended up getting some China Glaze, Essence, OPI, Ulta, and a bottle of Art Deco. Oh what fun I am going to have! Everything pictured above came from Ulta, except the Art Deco, which surprisingly came from a dollar store called Dollar Tree. So I advise that if you love L.A. Colors Art Deco and want to pick some up check out your local dollar stores, never know what you might find. Below are some close ups of the polishes, with their names.

Surprisingly all of the colors on the photos resembles the actually colors that I see, except for the Art Deco, which I would say is a bit darker. Did you get any nail polish for the holidays? If so what brands and colors did you get?

Now on to what I wore on Christmas. I went with a simple but cute Gingerbread man (with lollipops) mani. I first applied the Essie ridge filling base coat and two coats of Essence Irreplaceable. Now the bottle for Irreplaceable comes off to be a light beige color but once applied to the nail, the color is more of a gold sheer.  Very pretty just I'm not sure if I like it on me, since I am so light skinned. Then I took the plate BM 222 and China Glaze Street Chic to stamp just the Gingerbread guy onto my nails. I then used BM02 for the lollipops because I felt that something else was needed for this mani, and voila!

I only did lollies on the thumb and middle finger.
Left Hand

Right Hand
Without Flash, this shows the gold hue of the polish.

The pictures have improved but they still need work. I'm still experimenting with the way I want to position my hand in the photos. Trying to angle my hands and take a picture is a bit tricky, any tips? I look forward to designing a New Years mani, which should be in the next few days, preferably tomorrow. I'm thinking fireworks and champagne.

Until next time,

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