Tuesday, November 15, 2011

OPI Muppets Mani Madness Contest


So I just read the coolest thing! I was on facebook and I read that OPI is having a nail art contest! Each week we will be given a new Muppet as inspiration for our design and a new entry for the contest! I just adore the Muppets and I absolutely love OPI, so of course I would totally love a chance to win their new Muppets collection of 12 different polishes, along with a bunch of other cool stuff! 

This OPI Muppets Mani Madness Contest sounds like it would be really fun and challenging, especially since this week's Muppet is Miss Piggy. Oy! I have no clue! I am going to have be super duper creative considering my limiting color palette and the fact that Miss Piggy is my least favorite Muppet.  Despite my lack of tools and skills I am seriously thinking about entering…What do I have to lose? And besides this way I will get practice. I will sleep on it and after class tomorrow I will start working on designs. This is going to be fun…


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