Tuesday, November 15, 2011

OPI Muppets Mani Madness Contest: Week 1


So I decided to go ahead and do the contest. It's a fun learning experience. I doodled up some designs for Miss Piggy during class and came up with a 'Pig Night Out'. The idea was to show Miss Piggy having a big night out on the town; her red gown, pearls, feather boa, and high heels. That was what I was going for anyway haha. I would say that this attempt failed. This was the first time I ever hand painted polish onto my nails and boy is it hard! I didn't doubt that it would be but damn! Practice will definitely be needed. 

So after I finished I went to get my camera. Batteries were completely dead. Of course there is no fully charged batteries to be had, so I go to use my boyfriends camera. The damn thing was against me. No matter how hard I tried I could not get it to stay focused and take a good picture, so with much disgust, I had no choice but to take a picture using my phone. UGH! I seriously need to invest in a new camera. Mine is getting old and I am sick of having to have batteries. So here are some sad pictures of my mani.

I painted my thumb, middle, and pinky fingers the same color: Maybelline Sparkling Champagne. I used Rudolph red for the other two fingers. On the thumb I had Miss Piggy's face, which I did by hand, and I accidently smudged it! I was so sad. My index finger had a string of white pearls. My middle finger was suppose to be representing a feather boa but the picture doesn't really show the feathers to well. Next on my ring finger, I had shoes that I got off the stamping plate BM 213. Finally on my pinky, I had made a "kiss" with the back of a sewing pin dipped into Rudolph Red. 

For a first try, I would say it's not bad, but I have a lot to learn haha. I'm hoping the next Muppet is Animal. I have a really cool idea planned for him! 


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