Monday, November 14, 2011

My very first post!

Well hello! This here is my first blog post ever! How exciting! Well I'm a tad nervous since I have never done this before but here we go... So first off, welcome everyone! My name is Erin and I plan to blog about nail art and other "treats" such as recipes, hair styles, eye makeup, and more! (Basically whatever awesome comes my way.) Hopefully this blog will be mostly about nail polish and nail art but I am a full time student so my schedule doesn't really permit daily posts of such things. Plus, I think I would be bored of always talking about the same thing, so with that said this is a multi-topic blog just the topics are a little sketchy at the moment haha.

If you are a new comer like me, please leave a comment, I would really like to see how you are starting your blog. And for all those who are pros at this blogging thing, please leave comments with any tips you think are useful. Thanks!

Well I have been neglecting my homework so I must go. Until my next post...


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