Thursday, September 20, 2012

31 Day Challenge! Day 20: Water marble

Hello all! Oh the dreaded water marble! Today's challenge is one of those days were patience is needed. I'm actually lacking patience today since I'm not really feeling well. Luckily the only thing that has suffered is my thumb. Today's untried polish is OPI Cajun Shrimp.

Water marble is the reason why I have been putting off this challenge. It's definitely a technique that looks easier than it actually is. I'm so happy the universe was on my side and cut me a break today, providing me with a decent water marble on the first try. Usually it takes hours and hours of multiple tries!

I really love how all the colors really work together. I was afraid they would clash but nope! I used a white base coat and I really think that helped the colors pop!

My poor thumb! If I was feeling better I would have redone it but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm not even sure what happened. I'm thinking I lifted it before clearing the surface, so excess polish decided to join the party.

What I used:

  • A dixie cup
  • Bottled water
  • Base color: Sally Hansen White On
  • OPI Cajun Shrimp
  • Sally Hansen Blue Me Away, Mellow Yellow, Sun Kissed, and Pacific Blue

As for clean up, I used Vaseline to shield my fingers when I was dipping them into the polish. It was a real pain to clean off. It seriously took longer to clean my hands than it did to do the water marbling on all my fingers. With that said, I am happy that the Vaseline moisturized my cuticles. The cleanup actually looks good in the photos too, so I can't complain all that much about it...

Tara and I were talking about water marbling and I mentioned one of my favorite designs to her. It's by My Simple Little Pleasures, who has the BEST water marbles. This lady is amazing. I can watch her videos for hours! Check out the video of her poinsettias below!

I have another water marble planned for tomorrow. It's the last objective for my 2012 Summertime Challenge. Tomorrow is also the start of the last segment of this challenge. Everything in the last segment is inspired by something...It should be very interesting and fun!

See you tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful! You did an awesome job! The colors really do look great together =)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad the colors worked, sometimes it just doesn't. One never knows!

  2. Oh it looks really great Erin! Last time I tried colours like that it turned into a brown splodgy mess!

    1. Thank you Claire! That sucks, I'm sorry it turned into a brown splodgy mess! Wonder why that happened!


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