Sunday, September 2, 2012

31 Day Challenge! Day 2: Orange Nails

Hello! On to day 2 of the challenge, orange nails! Now I must admit, I am not a huge fan of the color orange. I just don't like wearing it or really looking at it for that matter... However, I can't get over how adorable my nails came out today!

Look! They're Tigger nails! Tigger would be the "only one" to get me to love orange nails! How could I not love these? He's just so cute! The untried polish for today is Sally Hansen's Sun kissed. Now I have used this color in the past but never as a base color. In fact, I think I've only used it for small details, so I am going to consider it untried.

I just LOVE how he came out! He was a little difficult to do too. I had to paint him upside down, which is why he's face looks a little smushed. I used a nail art brush for his face and ears, then a black striper for his stripes!

 What I used:
  • Base color: Sally Hansen Sun kissed
  • Stripes: Kiss brand black striper polish
  • Face and ears: Acrylic paint; black, yellow mixed with white and red mixed with white.

Here's the image I used for my inspiration! Who else had Tigger singing, "The greatest thing about Tigger is I'm the only one!" stuck in your head while you read this post?

I hope you all enjoyed my orange nails as much as I do. I am going to die a little tomorrow when I have to remove him! And before I forget, I snagged this cute layout of the challenge from Chalkboard Nails. Thanks for sharing this Sarah! :)

Don't forget to see what everyone else did for today!

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