Monday, September 17, 2012

31 Day Challenge! Day 17: Glitter

Hello all! I wasn't sure what to do for today's challenge. I had just purchased a new glitter, so I wanted to use it but I wasn't sure what to do with it. I don't usually use glitter polish because it is such a pain to remove, so I'm not sure how I could have jazzed it up. Which means, today's mani is pretty boring. I just painted a few layers of the glitter over my favorite nail polish.

Today's untried is Ulta Love Fern. I thought the glitter was so pretty, it's a really nice emerald color and I love the name. It reminded me of the movie 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.' Kate Hudson's character gives Matthew McConaughey's character a plant and then is "livid" with him since he killed their love fern! 

There was all this micro glitter with some medium glitter but after five coats, I could see I need a base color after all. If only I had a light jelly polish, I would have made a glitter sandwich. 

What I used:
  • Base color: OPI Mermaid's Tears
  • Ulta Love Fern

Has anyone else had problems photographing glitter? I sure was, it was much more sparkly in person!
So today's mani was boring, hopefully tomorrow's will be better. Tomorrow's challenge is half moons which I have never had any luck with but here's hoping! Day 3 of the Let's Do the Time Warp Challenge will be posted later today :)

See you then!

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