Friday, September 14, 2012

2012 Summertime Challenge! Week 8: Inspired by a Summer Song

Hello all! I'm a little sad that my challenge is almost over but a little relieved as well. Doing three challenges at once is a little exhausting! Today's challenge was just that, a challenge. The objective was to make a design inspired by a song that paints the picture of summertime for you. I instantly thought about the song, "In the Summertime" by Mungo Jerry but I was afraid it would be too hard, so after looking into some Beach Boys and a couple of others I just went a head with my original idea.

I used a sponge to create the clouds and a nail art brush to create the rest. The base color is Piggy Polish Blue-ing Romance. The rest of the colors are all acrylic paint. 

Here's a video of the song. It's apparently the original video from 1970 so it's a little odd. I enjoyed it though, it's a catchy song :)

Only one week left of my challenge! Here's a look at the last theme:

Week 9: Water you doing? Create a summer-themed water marble--- This can be anything that makes you think of summer; water, sand, bright colors, neon, etc. 

Week 9 will be posted on Friday the 21st. What I find funny is that Day 20th of the 31 Day Challenge is also a water marble! That means back to back water marble nails! I'm pretty bad at water marbling, so at least I will get some practice in! 

See you tomorrow!

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