Monday, April 16, 2012

A Stranger...from the Outside. OOOooo!

Hello! I have a cute mani for you today. Inspired by the oh so adorable aliens from the Toy Story movies, these quotable little things are just so cute but not so easy to do on your nails. I hope to try this mani again and have better results but for now I hope you all enjoy!

As you can see, though adorable, the aliens came out a little smushed...I think what my problem is, is that my nails are to short. I don't know why but a couple of my nails keep cracking and peeling at the tips, which is making me have to shorten them. Does any one know how to avoid this? I always use a base coat, I just don't know what's up with it...but ya anyways this means I have to keep shortening my nails, which leads to certain designs being difficult. Thus why the poor aliens mouths look whack. Also their little pizza planet sigil came out to look more like blobs rather than the little plants they were suppose to be...

So I first painted two coats of essence Lime Up! onto my nails. This essence shade is only $1 at Ulta and it reminds me a lot of the OPI color, "Who the Shrek are you?" It's a really cool color but it looks awful against my skin tone by itself, so this will be a color that I use for stamping and sponging and what not. Then I painted half of my nail with the essence polish Let's Get Lost. This is a fantastic blueish teal. Just love this color. I wanted the suits of the aliens to have a little more shine however, so I wanted a layer of Julep Megan. I used L.A. colors Fun in the sun as the purple collar and essence Hard to resist as the belts and shoes. The sigil was Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow and the mouths were OPI's Jade is the new black mixed with white. 

Here's an outline of what I used:
Base coat: Essie Ridge filling base coat
Base color: essence Lime Up
Bottom half of nails: essence Let's get Lost, with one thin coat of Julep Megan
Purple collar: L.A. colors Fun in the Sun
Navy belt/shoes: essence Hard to Resist
Mouth: OPI Jade is the new Black mixed with white polish. 
Pizza plant sigil: Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow
Eyes: black and white stripper polish with dotting tools. 

For the most part, I think the aliens came out cute. They were definitely a challenge but good practice with my nail art brushes. What movies or characters inspire you? I hope to have a segment on my blog where, at least once a month, I have a movie inspired day. I think that will be fun. I've purchased a few bottles of acrylic paint, so creating characters will be a bit simpler. Practice makes perfect right?

Enjoy this clip from the movie that inspired this manicure!

I hope you all enjoyed my post for today. Also, just a reminder, please choose a reaction to my post! Thanks!

Until next time,

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