Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Adventures Haul

Hello! I have some awesome things to share with you! So over the weekend, the best friend and I went on one of our routine adventures. Though these adventures are not always planned, I classify them as routine because we just love to go on them and practically every time we hang out an adventure takes place. It's just our thing. Anyways, this particular adventure took us to the mall. We walked into a store, that appeared to be Claire's (but was actually Icing) in hopes of finding mood changing nail polish and oh boy did we find it. Did I end up buying any? Nope! Instead we stumbled upon magnetic nail polish. I was so thrilled to see that it was only $9. $9! For those who don't know anything about magnetic nail polish, it's really neat but very very expensive. I first heard about magnetic polishes a few months back, so I researched online and the average price for this stuff was like $15! So my dreams of ever owning one seemed very slim...until Icing. Not only was this one 9 bucks, it was buy 1 get 1 half off! So I ended up getting two for less than a bottle I could have bought at Ulta. I totally feel like I scored!

Then the two of us came across Claire's and decided to venture on in. We were looking for more magnetic polish. I am interested in buying a green color but the other store didn't have it,  thus why we decided to look in Claire's. No luck there either but we found the coolest looking nail polish! It's layered polish with a whole bunch of wacky colors...right up my alley, and being the greatest best friend ever, who completely supports my nail polish obsession, she bought me two of them. So now to share them with you. I hope you can clearly tell that I am very excited about these polishes. I think they are so fun and I hope you like them as much as I do.

So this is what they look like. I just love adding nail polish to my slowly growing collection. I decided to finally count how many polishes I own and it's now up to 80 (not included stamping polishes, stripers, or fun top coats.) I had no idea it had gotten that high! Wow! Well I hope to get plenty more, I just love my nail polish.

Polishes have no names.
I was just so darn excited to get my hands on some magnetic nail polish and I can't wait to use one of these. It's going to be hard to decided which one to use first since they are both just pretty colors. The camera didn't do a great job of capturing the color of the one of the left. The one of the left is a blue iridescent shade, a very delicate and pretty color. It just comes off blue here but there is a purple iridescent color in there. The one on the right is a purple-ish grey, that is just so classy. Sadly, these babies have no names, which was kind of a bummer but Tara named the purple/grey one Plumpernickel. If you have any ideas on what to name the blue one that would be awesome! I am open to any and all suggestions. I love the word iridescent and it really does fit in with the description of the polish, so I'm thinking the name should use that word somehow. hmm..

And on to the layered polishes. I was so sad because the bottles warn you not to shake them but in transit some shaking occurred. So in the picture you can see that there has been some blending but still, these two are just gorgeous. Now unlike the magnetic polishes picture, this pictures perfectly shows what colors these beauties are. They are so bright and vibrant and I just adore their names. The one on the left is called Technopop and this was Tara's favorite. It's sparkly (there is glitter in the polish) and just outrageously fun. The one of the right is called Beachy Keen, which I think is very fitting since those colors do remind me of a sunset at a beach. This one didn't have glitter but when painted on, it has a matte finish. I found this surprising but awesome since I like the matte look. And before I forget, let me tell you that even though they look awesome in the bottles, when painted on the colors blend. What I find cool about this is, that no one nail comes out painted like another. So these polishes make every nail color unique, which I find to be fun. I have already done a new mani using technopop but that will be for another post, which I will try to get out to you tomorrow. I hope you have enjoyed, even though I was long winded haha. Please feel free to comment and click a reaction!

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  1. Would love to see swatches of the claire's - they look super cool))


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