Monday, February 13, 2012

Roses are red.

Hello! Happy Valentines Day, I meant to post this earlier but was preoccupied... So I was a little stuck on coming up with another love themed design and I was checking out Cutepolish, who always has just the cutest videos and I came along her Vintage rose design and thought "wow, this is perfect" since roses are one of my favorite flowers and they pretty much go hand in hand with Valentines day.

Apologies for the quality of the photos. For some odd reason, the colors really didn't want to capture right on the camera. Mostly the roses themselves just wouldn't show up. Make sure to watch the video by Cutepolish if you would like to recreate this design, I couldn't do a better job of explaining how to do it haha. Here is the link to the video again. 

What I used:
Base coat: Essie ridge filling base coat
Base color: China Glaze For Audrey
Inside of rose: OPI Rodeo Rose
Outside: Orly Belle of the Ball
Leaves: Art Deco Really Green
Top coat: Seche vite

What is your favorite kind of flowers? Besides red roses, which are the best color of roses? I think I might attempt this design again but with a much lighter pink for the inside of the rose, so it would show up better. I also love pink and yellow roses, they are so pretty so I'm thinking I might make this design over but use those colors. :)

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