Monday, February 13, 2012

First attempt at polka hearts

Hello! So my next love inspired manicure is polka-heart accent nails. I got the idea of a polka heart from Rebecca, who is the talented author of the blog rebecca likes nails. When I saw the post about the hearts a few months ago, I just fell in love. Oh adorable! Bad news was, my first attempt at this cute idea failed...miserably. My hearts just ended up looking so sad, good thing I only did accent nails haha.

Left hand

All you will need for this post is a base color of your choosing, as many colors as you want for hearts (I just used one) and a dotting tool to make the hearts. As I mentioned before, I really failed at attempting to make polka hearts, I think my method was all wrong. I did two dots and then "pulled" down polish to connect at the bottom to make the heart. That's probably how they ended up looking so sad and pathetic haha.

What I used:
Base coat: Essie ridge filling base coat
Base color: OPI Rodeo Rose
Polka-hearts: Kiss white striper polish
Top coat: Seche Vite

Right hand
And before I forget to mention it, Rebecca updated the original post just the other day and it has a great tutorial along with it. So check it out here. Do you think you might try the polka heart idea? I'm looking forward to trying this design again soon. Hope you all enjoyed my post!

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