Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Broken nail sadness and remedy

Hello! Quick post for today. Sadly, the other night I broke my nail. Quite violently I might add. Luckily I was able to clip and file all of my nails to the same length, which is very short but at least they will grow! So the remedy for the sadness was to paint on a simple and cute design. I got the inspiration from my weekend bag, which has a cute hounds tooth pattern.

Here's my weekend bag :)

I also want to make note that I was experiencing such a goopy mess with this polish, which was sad because it was a brand new polish that I got for Christmas. Any tips for how to make a polish less goopy? I've also been having a hard time with black polish. It is so staining! Here's what I used:

Base coat: Essie ridge filling base coat
Base color: China Glaze For Audrey
Stamping color: Konad Black stamping polish
Stamp: BM 19

Until next time,


  1. I love the houndstooth design, It's one of my fav on nails. I have the same polish from Konad and I believe they are all goopy so they can be better for stamps.

  2. that is so sad, that you have a bad breakage. But hey, they look super cute!

  3. The hounds tooth design is very cute and now that you mentioned it, goopy polishes are the best to use for stamping. Thanks Morie. And thank you Lydz, bad breaks suck!


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