Saturday, December 3, 2011

Update and Polar Bear Mani. has been rather tight. Couldn't even afford to pay for internet until now. Not having internet has been down right awful! But now I am back online, so yay! This week's muppet for the OPI contest is Gonzo! However, I don't really have the right colors nor skills to pull off a good Gonzo so my attempts have failed and therefore I have given up. Instead I did a really cute winter mani!

I live in Arizona and it's usually rather warm here...often. Lately though, it's been freezing outside! Rainy too, which of course makes it colder. So finally in Arizona I would consider it to be winter time.

When I think of winter I think of cold weather, snow, the colors blue, white, red, green, silver and gold. Winter is that time of year when family and friends come together to celebrate, so to me winter time is very festive! I was looking at the fimo canes that I have and I found a cute little white bear (well just the head). Instantly I thought of polar bears! So that's what I did, a really cute polar bear mani for winter!

It's really cute and simple! This is what I did: First off, I painted all of my nails Wet n Wild's Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire. (Huh, rather fitting since I would really like to be a millionaire right now haha.) Anyways, it's a very pretty sheer glittery blue. I got it at Walgreens for really cheap and it has become one of my favorite colors. It's just so pretty. It reminds me of cold weather and more specifically jack frost and so it is the perfect color for the base coat. I had to paint four coats though so the white of my nail wouldn't show through, but it looks just lovely. Next, I took the fimo cane of the white bear head and using a razor blade I sliced six very thin slices. Using my top coat I applied two pieces to my thumbs and one to each ring finger nail. After letting it dry, I used my newly bought dotting tools and made a large dot for the bellies and for each bear I made four smaller dots for the hands and feet. Then I blended a dot or two of a red, orange, yellow, green, black and then white colored polish to make a light brown for the paws and belly. It came out so cute, just it was my first time using a dotting tool and my hand was being a little shaky, so it's not perfect. I thought about doing a bear of each nail but I haven't been feeling well so I just did three for each hand. Perhaps in the future I'll do another mani more like cutepolish's panda bears that you can see here! I absolutely love cutepolish! She always has the cutest ideas, She's a big influence so I'm sure I will be sharing more of her videos and her influence is bound to show in my manis. Definitely check her out on youtube.

*Sigh* So here are some pictures of the finished mani. Once again I would like to apologize for my horrible pictures. I would rather post some sort of picture then to leave you with nothing but I am aware that these are just not very good. Some day I will have a really nice camera and then you guys will have nice pictures.

So what are some winter manis you guys have come up with? I think I might make a penguin mani next time. Penguins are just so cute and I have some ideas brewing. Luckily December is just getting started so I have some time before it gets warm again.

And by the way, I am graduating college in a few weeks, EEEEEK! I can't believe it! I'm both excited yet terrified. Wonder what the future will bring. Well until next time,


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