Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh my gush!

Today's post is dedicated to my online love... Our relationship has blossomed over the years and recently our love have grown to be very strong. Amazon has never let me down, nor have they cheated me in any way. So let me explain why I love so much!

I have been in school the last four years, jobless living off of the leftovers of my loan and scholarship money. This was not simple since school is so costly but I have made due. Now that I have this nail art hobby however, money has been even more tight and I can't always get new polishes or tools. BUT with amazon my polish collection has been able to grow, slowly but surely. Instead of paying $8 for any OPI or Essie polish I've been paying about only half! So for the price of 1, more often than not I am getting two!

 But that's not all. Amazon has this program deal called prime. It allows for free two day shipping on selected items and I have found that items offered under prime do ship faster! It's amazing, though there is a down side. Amazon prime makes you want to spend spend spend, so a lot of self control is needed. Amazon prime does offer many other features, like access to amazon's library of instant play TV shows and movies. Not all are available for free but there is a wide selection. In my opinion it's like you get access to Amazon's version of Netflix.

If you are a college student you can get to try amazon prime for free! You can find information here! This student membership comes in handy, especially when it comes to buying and selling textbooks. Once I discovered amazon student I haven't gotten my textbooks anywhere else. And just the other day I discovered the most amazing thing! Amazon's trade-in program! I have had a couple of textbooks I have been unable to sell back but I was able to trade them in and I got over $73 in amazon credit, which I used to buy some Christmas presents and I did indulge in some nail art items :) I keep discovering awesome features on this site and I am just madly in love.

So readers, I hope you will try Amazon out and fall madly in love like I have. Check them out here! I look forward to showing you guys all the stuff I got with the credit.

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