Tuesday, November 20, 2012

ABC Challenge: E is for Elephant, F is for Frog, G is for Giraffe

Hello! So I am going to squish in E, F and G in today's post! Up first is E. Something I love that starts with the letter E is elephants. I just think they are amazing creatures, so I created an adorable elephant across my nails.

E is for Elephant

I used Sally Hansen Coral Reef for my base color and for the details on the elephant. The elephant himself was done with black and white acrylic paint. For F I decided to do a frog, not sure if it looks like a frog, but I liked the way it came out.

F is for Frog

For my base color I used Nubar Reclaim. I will never stop loving this polish. Anyways. I also used Piggy Polish Blue-ing Romance for the base color on my ring ringer. I then used OPI Jade is the New Black, along with BM03. I then used BM 19 with NYC Skin Tight Denim. The frog and flies were done with acrylic paint. For G I thought I would keep up with animals, so I immediately thought of giraffes.

G is for Giraffe

The base color is Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow. I then used BM 215 with China Glaze Street Chic. The giraffe was painted with acrylic paint. I've been noticing that I use acrylic paint a lot but it's so much easier to work with and it's pretty cheap too. 

I will be posting H, I, and J within a couple of hours and K will be posted tomorrow along with everyone else! I am almost caught up, yay! 

Until then,

PS Read more to see the inlinkz collections for each letter! :)

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