Monday, November 28, 2011

My apologies...

So I have been both under the weather and rather busy due to Thanksgiving being this week/weekend. I had a blast with my family (sans my brother sadly) and with my boyfriend's family, whom I just adore! So I apologize for my complete abandonment of posts.

Starting up this blog was harder than I realized. Of course I didn't think it would easy, just I didn't realize how unequipped I was. Basically my camera is just down right awful so I can't really post pictures like I was planning. A nail polish/ nail art blog really needs good pictures, so as of late I am not really capable of doing this. I have no clue when I will be able to afford a new camera either... Money is so tight. Finding a job was hard enough and now the one I have doesn't give me a lot of hours.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I would like to note how appreciative I am of my new job. I have been working for a couple of weeks now and though the hours are few, I am grateful to have it. I have been looking for months with no luck and by chance I came across the job post. Thank you Rising Star for giving me a job, so I can pay rent and bills and for also allowing me to help kids in need of tutoring. So far I can tell this is a very good program. It just feels good to help kids.

Anyways...rambling...So! I was unable to do week 2 of the OPI contest. I was really sad too since this week's Muppet was Fozzie and I absolutely love him. Oh well. Looking forward to seeing who the new muppet will be. Until next time...


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

OPI Muppets Mani Madness Contest: Week 1


So I decided to go ahead and do the contest. It's a fun learning experience. I doodled up some designs for Miss Piggy during class and came up with a 'Pig Night Out'. The idea was to show Miss Piggy having a big night out on the town; her red gown, pearls, feather boa, and high heels. That was what I was going for anyway haha. I would say that this attempt failed. This was the first time I ever hand painted polish onto my nails and boy is it hard! I didn't doubt that it would be but damn! Practice will definitely be needed. 

So after I finished I went to get my camera. Batteries were completely dead. Of course there is no fully charged batteries to be had, so I go to use my boyfriends camera. The damn thing was against me. No matter how hard I tried I could not get it to stay focused and take a good picture, so with much disgust, I had no choice but to take a picture using my phone. UGH! I seriously need to invest in a new camera. Mine is getting old and I am sick of having to have batteries. So here are some sad pictures of my mani.

I painted my thumb, middle, and pinky fingers the same color: Maybelline Sparkling Champagne. I used Rudolph red for the other two fingers. On the thumb I had Miss Piggy's face, which I did by hand, and I accidently smudged it! I was so sad. My index finger had a string of white pearls. My middle finger was suppose to be representing a feather boa but the picture doesn't really show the feathers to well. Next on my ring finger, I had shoes that I got off the stamping plate BM 213. Finally on my pinky, I had made a "kiss" with the back of a sewing pin dipped into Rudolph Red. 

For a first try, I would say it's not bad, but I have a lot to learn haha. I'm hoping the next Muppet is Animal. I have a really cool idea planned for him! 


OPI Muppets Mani Madness Contest


So I just read the coolest thing! I was on facebook and I read that OPI is having a nail art contest! Each week we will be given a new Muppet as inspiration for our design and a new entry for the contest! I just adore the Muppets and I absolutely love OPI, so of course I would totally love a chance to win their new Muppets collection of 12 different polishes, along with a bunch of other cool stuff! 

This OPI Muppets Mani Madness Contest sounds like it would be really fun and challenging, especially since this week's Muppet is Miss Piggy. Oy! I have no clue! I am going to have be super duper creative considering my limiting color palette and the fact that Miss Piggy is my least favorite Muppet.  Despite my lack of tools and skills I am seriously thinking about entering…What do I have to lose? And besides this way I will get practice. I will sleep on it and after class tomorrow I will start working on designs. This is going to be fun…


Monday, November 14, 2011

My very first post!

Well hello! This here is my first blog post ever! How exciting! Well I'm a tad nervous since I have never done this before but here we go... So first off, welcome everyone! My name is Erin and I plan to blog about nail art and other "treats" such as recipes, hair styles, eye makeup, and more! (Basically whatever awesome comes my way.) Hopefully this blog will be mostly about nail polish and nail art but I am a full time student so my schedule doesn't really permit daily posts of such things. Plus, I think I would be bored of always talking about the same thing, so with that said this is a multi-topic blog just the topics are a little sketchy at the moment haha.

If you are a new comer like me, please leave a comment, I would really like to see how you are starting your blog. And for all those who are pros at this blogging thing, please leave comments with any tips you think are useful. Thanks!

Well I have been neglecting my homework so I must go. Until my next post...


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