About Me

Hello! I'm Erin! I'm 23 years old and a recent college graduate. I currently reside within the Valley of the Sun (Arizona.) I'm still consider myself new to blogging and I am really enjoying my journey so far! I decided to create this blog, not only for a creative outlet, but because I want to be a part of the blogging phenomenon. The nail blogging community is definitely fun to be apart of!

The focus of my blog is nail art and nail polish, but I will include other things that I have decided to call 'treats.' The treat section of my blog will include a variety of things such as recipes. Also, if I come across a new product or idea to share with you, then I will!

So why have I become obsessed with nail art? Many reasons! It all started during the summer of 2011. I came across the blog, Let Them Have Polish, which really inspired me to start painting my nails and coming up with cute nail art designs. I've always painted my toe nails, in fact I can't have my toes bare or I feel naked! My hands however are a different story. Growing up I use to bit my nails and always hated painted them because they would chip and crack so easily! Reading Cristina's blog has given me the knowledge of good products and now I can't imagine not wearing polish!

What I love most about nail art is the fact that it's portable art! I think it's pretty niffy to be able to paint whatever your heart desires onto your nails and just walk around, showing them off. I've always loved art and doing nail art has definitely strengthened my creativity. I really love to make and share my own designs with all of you!

I hope you enjoy reading my posts. Also note that I want to hear from my readers! I appreciate any comments or concerns, so feel free to express them. Happy reading!
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