Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Recent Haul

Hello there! I just wanted to quickly share with y'all today my latest haul of nail polish. I got these beauties a few weeks ago but I haven't shared them with you because I have been to busy with the job searching to do anything else. So here you have it. Six polishes from Ulta and two from Claire's.

I'm very happy with all of these colors! Four cremes and  two sheers. I just LOVE cremes, they make me happy! And I just love their names! Here are the names, listed from left to right. 
  • Fine Pruned  
  • Bam-blue-zled
  • Concrete Evidence
  • Sun-sational
  • Peach Parfait
  • Non-stop Red
And at Claire's I got two magnetic nail polishes. Pink and green. I wish these had cool names but alas they do not. In fact they don't have a name at all. Kind of sad really. Anyways I really like magnetic nail polish. I can't wait to start making designs using these polishes.

What is your favorite finish? And what finish of polish do you just absolutely hate? I don't hate any polish really but there are some, like a pearl finish that I feel are only good to use sometimes. I think that's why I love cremes, they are classic and good to use all year around.

Until next time,
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