Sunday, November 18, 2012

Llama Nails: ABC Challenge! A is for Apples, B is for Balloons

Hello all! I know I have been on a little hiatus but I promise I am back! After doing so many challenges, I needed to take a mini break, as did my nails. (Plus a bunch of crazy family stuff has been going on...) Of course now that I am back, I plan to start a couple more challenges! I know, I know... I have an addiction to doing nail art challenges. I have the most fun doing them and though at times it can be frustrating, I really feel like I am improving on my skills! With that said, let me introduce to you the new challenge I am starting today. It's called the ABC Challenge and it's from one of the awesome groups I belong to on Facebook, called Llama Nails. If you are into nail challenges like I am, check out the group page here.

Normally the challenge posts will be every Wednesday but since this challenge actually started back in September, I have to catch up a little. I only found out about this group a few weeks ago and by then the challenge was well underway but it's never late to join right? Plus why not start from the beginning.

A is for Apples. When I think of the letter A, I generally think of apples. I don't know why but I do. I just bought a giant bag of Red Delicious apples from the store and thought that the dark red color would be perfect for my apples.

I used Sinful Colors Happy Ending as my base color and Orly's Grave Mistake for my apples. The rest was acrylic paint that I applied with a thin tipped nail art brush. 

B is for Balloons. I'm not sure why I came up with balloons for B but I just love the way they came out! I am definitely going to do this design again, maybe for a birthday mani!

For my base color I used OPI Skull and Glossbones, then I used a fan brush and applied some white polish. For the balloons I used Sally Hansen Pacific Blue,  SH Mellow Yellow and Ulta Non-stop Red. I created the balloons using a large dotting tool and a small one. I placed the small dots right at the base of the larger ones. I then outlined the dots and drew a small line for the tied part of the balloons.

I hope you enjoyed my post for today. Stay tuned for C and D!

Until next time,


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