Thursday, September 13, 2012

31 Day Challenge! Day 13: Animal Print

Hello all! I'm excited for today's challenge because my mother has an obsession with animal print. Not only is her whole living room is safari themed, it's starting to morph into the rest of her house! So who's ready to get wild?

Animals have the coolest patterns! Today's untried polish is Ulta Sun of a Gun. I just adore this color. I don't even like orange but this burnt orange is pretty awesome.

Tiger, leopard, giraffe, zebra, snake, OH MY!

The snake skin is hard to see but I used a duo chrome polish, so when I move my pinky around the polish is either green or purple. The above picture shows the purple while the picture below (kinda) shows the green.

What I used:

  • Thumb
    • Ulta Sun of a Gun
    • Konad black stamping polish
    • BM 223
  • Index
    • Sponge
    • China Glaze Street Chic and peach acrylic mixed
    • Black stamping polish
    • BM 221
    • China Glaze Street Chic
  • Middle finger
    • Julep Blake
    • China Glaze Street Chic
    • BM 215
  • Ring finger
    • OPI Alpine Snow
    • Black stamping polish
    • BM 223
  • Pinky
    • OPI Jade is the New Black
    • essence Where is the Party?
    • BM 215

 That was a mouthful! I had fun coming up with today's challenge and I just love how my animal print came out! Up next is flowers, should be fun!

See you tomorrow!


  1. It's awesome ... I'm so jelly you have a snake skin stamp, couz yours is the only decent one i've seen. Other techinques aren't as good :)


    1. Thank you! It is really convenient having a snake stamp, I'm not even sure how to do a snake skin pattern without one haha :)

  2. I love that you did the different prints!

    1. Thank you! I am always so indecisive so it's easier to just do every nail different :D


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