Tuesday, April 24, 2012

South Park

Hello there! Today is a post I would like to dedicate to my boyfriend. Last week was our 1 year anniversary together. He has been very supportive of my blog and has given me many ideas for designs (this one included) so I just want to say thank you by doing a post about something he adores.

Blake LOVES South Park. He will go on and on about anything that has to do with South Park. He talks about Trey and Matt, the creators and Primus, which is the band who does the theme song. It's rather cute, so I listen but I have admit I use to hate the show. In fact I use to actively refuse to watch it because I thought it was immature and highly inappropriate. I've now watched almost every episode and I find myself wanting more... Once I gave this show the time of day, I realized how smart it is. Sure it has it's highly inappropriate moments and moments where I find myself saying "Oh god why?!" but Matt and Trey have found entertaining ways to poke fun at people. And I mean all people (no one is left out.)

I recently saw an episode where they made fun of forgetting to put down the toilet seat (and the harmful effects this action can have). They showed how both genders saw the task as simple, yet refused to do it themselves because it wasn't a big deal. A classic issue I have with Blake, haha. So event takes place that I will not name, as to not give any spoilers if you have not seen this episode, and the TSA gets involved. This TSA stands for Toilet Safety Administration rather than Transportation Security Administration, but goes into the issues that the Transportation Security Administration has brought into the public eye. I thought this was a clever and humorous way to illustrate real life controversy, which is why I now have to admit how much of a South Park fan I have become. With that said, here is my design-- South Park nails!

Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Butters and on the thumb, Cartman!
I am so happy with the way my nails came out! I wanted to use all of my favorite characters, which I was able to do.  So on my left hand I have Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Cartman, who are the four main boys of the show. And on my pinky nail is Butters, who is just adorable! He is the most "innocent" character on the show, despite always getting grounded, "Oh hamburgers." haha.

Ike, Wendy, Randy, Mr. Garrison, and on the thumb, Mr. Mackey!
On my right hand is Ike; who is Kyle's brother, Wendy; who is Stan's love, Randy; who is Stan's dad, Mr. Garrison; who was originally the boys' teacher, and Mr. Mackey, the school counselor, "m'kay." This is the first time I used acrylic paint on my nails and I must say, it was much easier to work with than nail polish. So if you are planning to do characters on your nails, I recommend acrylic paint (over a base color, of course.) You can't really tell but I did use a base color on all of my nails, it's more visible on my right hand. I used essence You Belong to Me and acrylic paint I got at Michaels.

I hope you enjoyed my post! If you have never seen South Park, I recommend you do so (as long as you have a crude sense of humor haha.) It's definitely not a show for everyone. You can find episodes on Netflix or on the South Park Studios website!

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